What is a traffic offenders program?

The Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program (TORP) is a Court Approved road safety program designed specifically for traffic offenders. We provide participants with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes towards driving and to change negative driving behavior. 

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of participants committing any further traffic offences.  

What’s involved? Where can I attend?

TORP is the lead provider of the traffic offenders program in NSW. We operate in the following four (4) Locations:

  • Sydney Cbd Near Hyde Park
  • Parramatta, Western Sydney
  • Manly, Northern Beaches
  • Newcastle, Mid-Coast NSW

The Parramatta, Newcastle & Sydney CBD Program runs on a single Saturday, monthly from 9:30am – 4:30pm. The Manly program consists of two, 3-hour sessions, they from 6pm-9pm on two designated weeknights per month. Visit the Dates page for the next program or the Venue & Costs page to find your closest traffic offenders program. To register in any TORP course, complete the Registration form and the intake officer will confirm your attendance via email. The Cost of the course is $180 and must be paid in full before program commencement.


If you have been convicted of a traffic offence you have the option of attending the traffic offenders program. The traffic offenders program provides participants with not only the skills and educational materials to make informed decisions whilst on the road, but also provides an opportunity to demonstrate to the Judge/Magistrate you are making an effort to learn from your mistakes. After successful completion of the program you will be issued a certificate at the end of the final module and a report will be sent to your nominated courthouse.


Every case is different; Attending the traffic offenders program does not automatically grant you a reduction in your sentence. Although, it is not uncommon for the Magistrate to issue the offender a lighter sentence and fine dependent on the individual circumstances of the case. Attending the traffic offenders program is one of the best things you can do to improve your chance of a sentence reduction if you have committed a traffic offence.

What is covered during the program?

The program covers the 8 following areas, each designed and presented by qualified professionals:

  • Road Safety Impact of Offences Police,
  • Ambulance & Emergency Services Perspective Road Trauma & its victims
  • Drinking / Drug Taking & Driving Legal Information
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance Driver Behaviour & Speeding


I will definitely be changing my driving habits after this course it's definitely a big eye-opener especially the whole ripple effect,i honestly believe that the whole of this course or even parts of it should be implemented into the learner and provisional licence tests.definitly recommend this course to everyone not just offenders
Damian Hardy
Damian Hardy
Information given en during this course was very detailed and speakers gave personal experiences to do with traffic incidents involving, DUI AND Speed
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson
It's one of the best course to learn and be more responsible on the road.
Pel Silim
Pel Silim
A great program, I learnt a lot from this program, I have chosen to make changes to better my life, this program opened my eyes to information I did not know previously a great program worth participating in, it was worth the time.
Debra Marsh
Debra Marsh
Hi Jill The Traffic Offenders Program gave me a very good insight to the consequences of Drink Driving and will never make that mistake again as it has dramatically changed my life financially & emotionally devastated. All I know is that I will never Drink & Drive ever again under any circumstances . Thank You. Kind Regards. Debbie Marsh.


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