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 Open Letter To all TOIP Participants,



The NSW Traffic Offenders Intervention Program (TOIP) can now be undertaken online. We refer to an update from the Department of Justice to all TOIP Providers (23/10/18) “use of online Content will be permitted in up to ONE session of TOIP”.

In response to concerns raised about the use of online content in TOIP the Dept. Justice has launched a project to assess the effectiveness of online materials. The current guidelines state that an accredited TOIP must be conducted over a minimum period of two weeks, with a maximum of ONE session online.


TOIP was never intended to be about simply ‘ticking a box’; it’s about value, isn’t it? As an accredited provider we succeed when we deliver value to the participant, their legal representative, the Court house and the judicial system. At the end of the day we want to produce real results as intended by the founding legislators. We strive to be a provider the system can trust; confident our clients will be looked after and confident in the results you can expect from us, we do NOT offer shortcut programs that solely ‘tick a box’.

Unfortunately we are seeing well-intending participants’ completion of unauthorized programs not being recognized by the Magistrate and the Court. An unfavorable court outcome can have devastating consequences on people’s personal and professional life. As a grandfather of the Traffic Offenders Program in NSW and head of the TOIP committee we see it as our responsibility that participants are well informed before attendance at any TOIP.


We look forward to keeping you updated as the Dept. Justice progresses their project as they seek input from Magistrates, Centre for Road Safety, Registrars and the Courts and Tribunals.

We wish you a safe and prosperous winter season in your professional and personal life.

The Department of Justice can be contacted directly on (02) 8346 1739

You can reach us 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday on 0426 994 769


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