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You’ve made a mistake. It happens. And if you’ve been tested, this is not debatable. What the Magistrate wants to know moving forward, above all else? Will you be a repeat offender? Is this the only time you’ll be seen in court, or will it be a regular occurrence for you?

Signing up for the NSW Traffic Offenders program voluntarily before your court date is a huge sign to the Magistrate that you’ve taken the matter seriously, you’re being proactive, and upon completing the course, you’ll have the education and tools you need to avoid a repeat offence. 


As it happens, you’re in the right place. TORP is the lead provider of the NSW Traffic Offenders Program

We are the only online approved provider of TOIP.

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We will help you turn this one time driving error into a learning experience, and most importantly, demonstrate this to the Magistrate. 


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We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not gain any benefits from our program in your court case, with the RMS or personally.

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Who we are

We’re the experts who have helped traffic offenders begin their journey back to good standing with the Magistrate and RMS.



Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program is the lead provider of the NSW traffic offenders program. When someone is charged with a traffic offence, it can completely upend their life. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. We’re the first step in getting your life back. As the only online approved provider of the NSW Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP), you can begin the process right now — simply sign up below and you can start showing the Magistrate you’ve taken responsibility for your actions with the education and tools you need to avoid a repeat offence. We are recommended by both the RMS & NSW Magistrates Court and we are government accredited